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Cersei has a truckload of flaws, canonly. I see her biggest, underlying sin as pride. She's proud of her family, proud of the influence they as a whole have. She's proud of herself, for being beautiful and for being queen. Ok, so she's vain. She's proud of Jaime for being the hottest man in Westeros, of Tywin for being feared in one way or another from the Wall south. She's proud of her kids, because they are hers. She really does try to be a good mother. I don't think she really knows how. After all, her biggest plan in life is to be scarier than Tywin ever thought about being.

So, as punishment, she has nothing whatsoever to be proud of. Her family still has money, but it's really Robert's money. In fact, that's why she married him. Man, do they owe him a lot of money. She's completely stuck on Jaime, and the kids are still his. And that is a great big part of why she isn't still married to Robert. It's still technically his house, so when he's home, they still have to put up with each other. Because this is purgatory, and no one ever said it was fun. Also, Jaime'a complete womanizer and he refuses to care about her the same way. So basically, they are canon-reversed.

She's still beautiful, but stress has made its mark on her. Robert puts up with her. Jaime puts up with her. Joff resents her not caring as much about him. She's all about Tommen, because he's her perfect little baby. Myrcella is pampered too, just not quite as much. I don't think she's really any happier with Tyrion in this verse, because he's the family favorite this go around, and she resents him. But at least it's for a different reason this time. Oh, and she still drinks. like a fish. shhh. You don't know that.

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